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Overbust CorsetsWearing a Corset

An Axfords corset transforms the way you look by flattening your tummy, pulling in your waist and helping you stand straight.

An authentic corset is completely different from a basque or waspie, neither of which is designed to pull in the waist. The real thing comes in two halves, laced together at the back and fastening at the front with a steel busk. Spiral steel boning gives that wonderful hour glass shape and makes our corsets light, flexible and comfortable.

Being laced into a corset can be an exquisitely sensual experience; the laces slide across your back as they are pulled gradually in from the top and bottom towards the middle and the sensation is of being embraced tighter and tighter. Many people find the sensation of being gently held straight with the back supported almost relaxing.

When you order we ask you to provide accurate measurements of your bust, waist and hips, so that we can select the rght size to ensure a snug fit all over. A corset wiil mould itself to your body after you have worn it a few times and you can gradually lace a bit tighter if you wish.

You don't have to pull in to a Scarlet O'Hara 18 inches - you may be quite happy with the corset just hugging you or you might prefer to lace much tighter. Most first time wearers are delighted when they look in the mirror; corsets enhance any woman's body, giving not just a smaller waist, but the impression of a voluptuous figure and a feeling of intense femininity.

Our corsets are made to look and feel beautiful. An Axfords corset is something special and will make you feel special too.