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Putting on a Corset

Corsets are delivered laced up at the back with two long loops at the waist and the metal front bust fastened.

Undo the metal clasps at the front. Loosen the lacing at the back and ease the two halves of the corset apart until it is wide enough to fit around your waist.

C130 Overbust Corset 1

Check that the size label is at the top and put the corset in place, with the lacing at your back. Fasten the top metal clasp and the rest should follow.

C130 Overbust Corset 2

Pull the loops of the laces gently, then tighten the lacing progressively from both top and bottom towards the middle, then pull on the loops again. Repeat as necessary. There should be a pleasant 'hugging' sensation.

C130 Overbust Corset 3

Tie the ends in a bow at the back or the front to finish.

We advise you not to over tighten a corset as this will damage it.
A corset will gradually mould to your body shape and then you will be able to lace more tightly with time.

One last tip: if you are going to wear stockings and shoes with your corset, it is a good idea to put them on before tightening the laces, as most people are unused to the straight back a corset gives and find it hard to bend down!

C130 Overbust Corset