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Choosing a Corset

We want you to have a corset that fits superbly and gives you a fantastic figure. Please read this page for some basic guidelines and if you then feel you would like some further, personal help, contact Betty with your measurements - bust, waist, hips, bra size and height - and details of what you are looking for and how you are going to wear your corset, for example as an evening top or underwear.

Which Style?
How and where do you want to wear your corset?

The decorated ones are ideal for bedroom wear and dressing up but if you want to put a corset under clothes, choose a plain style which will not show through as much.

If you are a bride-to-be looking for a wedding corset, please see: Corsets & Brides

Some corsets are especially suitable for particular body shapes:

  • Smaller Bust: Overbust corsets C134 and C135
  • Fuller bust: Overbust corsets C110, C111, C115, C116, C415, C420
  • Long body: Any of the Underbust corsets and Overbust corsets C130, C134, C135, C140
Axfords Underbust Corset in Old Gold Satin If you are still unsure, a good style to start with is C110 (pictured in Old Gold Satin) which suits a wide range of figures, is smooth enough to go under clothes and is our most popular corset.
Axfords Underbust Corset C310 in Black Leather An underbust corset is a good choice if you prefer to wear a normal bra, but still want the pulled in waist effect. Underbust corsets also look great worn outside clothes. C310 is shown in Black Leather.
Axfords Guide To How To Measure Yourself Which Size?

We take care of selecting the best size for you. Give us your real, uncorsetted measurements, in inches or centimetres - not the ones you'd like to have when wearing a corset!

To get these, measure around the fullest part of your bust/ chest, the narrowest part of your waist and the fullest part of your hips. You may also give your bra cup size.

We will then choose the right size for you, usually one which, if laced fully closed, will reduce your waist by about 4 inches/10 cm. You don't have to lace that tightly at first, but you should be able to lace up your corset so that it fits snugly all over and pulls in your waist.

If you are not happy with the fit, we are happy to exchange, provided corsets are returned as new.

The size of a corset refers to the measurement around the inside of its waist when it is laced fully shut. Sizes go up in 2 inch/5 cm graduations: i.e. 20"/51cm, 22"/56cm.
Satin Purple Deep in C111 Corset Overbust Axfords Suspenders

If you are going to wear stockings with your corset, you will need suspenders.

If you are ordering a corset and want to add suspenders, you can do so whilst selecting the options for your corset. Most Axfords corsets can have extra suspenders, whether
or not they are fitted

If you want to have a choice whether to wear your corset with suspenders or without, choose detachables, which you can put on and take off.